101 China Business Ideas

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Alex, a car dealer in LA, USA, asked me whether I could provide a longer list of specific China business ideas, after reading Most Profitable Business Opportunities in China for Foreigners.

Alex told me that he want to build some new business and China is his new target.

OK, here we go, let’s name it “101 China Business Ideas” first, though we might not finish it today.

Please let me know your best business ideas in China market and we can include it in this list if it is interesting and practical.

101 China Business Ideas

101 China Business Ideas

101 China Business Ideas

Business Consult​ing

1. China Business Consulting

2. Legal Consultation

  • Handle international acquisition, land purchase, property purchase etc.

3. Website/App Expert Review

4. Intellectual Property Management

  • Help overseas companies to protect IP issues in China.

Wealth Management & Financial

5. Immigration Consulting

  • more profitable than overseas study.

6. Sell Overseas Property

  • A traditional but good business.

7. Forex

  • Forex is tightly controlled and regulated in China but with a bright future.

8.Investment Funds

  • In this dynamic economy, You will not lack good chances to find potential businesses.

Online Business

9. Online English Teaching

  • A simple fact: Most Chinese students can not speak or write good English, even after more than 10 years in English learning.
  • Chao Magic English School offers online course on effective English learning method, consultation and coaching services.  (Chao Magic English: Best Way to Teach English Online in China )
  • Most foreign startups underestimate the investment and difficulties on the localization and marketing efforts in the market entry phase.

10. Online Mandarin Courses

  • Offer online mandarin courses to Mandarin learners from around the world.
  • Provide online Mandarins tutoring services
  • Provide Mandarin learning strategies and practical training techniques

11. Build Your Own Web Store in China

Start From Designing A Website

Ten Steps to Build Your Successful Website for the China Market

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name
Step 2. Set Up Your Email Server
Step 3. Where to Put Your Website: Web Hosting
Step 4. Easy to Build: CMS and Shopping Cart
Step 5. Get A Great Web Design
Step 6. Make Your Web Content Attractive
Step 7. Define Your Functions and Develop Them
Step 8. Test Your Website
Step 9. Chinese Localization Check
Step 10. Track, Analyze, and Optimize

12. Localize Your Web Store for the China Market

  • You can sell directly based on your existing web store. The key is the right localization, not only about language, but also logistics, payment and operations.

Start From This Book

13. Introduce your App into China

  • Localize your app into Chinese and promote it in the China market

14. Online Marketplace In A Niche Market

  • Global marketplace needs a lot of money. However there is plenty of opportunities in niche market.

Business Services

15. Headhunting and Recruitment

  • Find local talents for foreign owned companies or international talents for China companies.

16. Foreign Copywriter

  • Work for big Chinese companies to write world-class copies

17. Moving & Relocation Service

  • Solve problems for expats and new immigrants.

Overseas Study

18. Overseas Study Consulting

  • Esp. for schools in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

19. Academic Essay Writing Service

Targeting on Chinese universities, professors and academics who publish in English magazines and research publications.

20. Dissertation Writing Service

  • Err, I do not want to explain.

21. Summer Camps

  • Organize summer camps to overseas schools.


22. Travel Agency / Overseas Travel Planner

  • China’s travel and tourism market takes off. More and more Chinese tourists go overseas.

24. Destination Hotel Promotion

  • Promote your hotel in China to get more bookings from China

25. Market Your Attraction to China

  • Through proper marketing in China, you can get more Chinese consumers to visit your attraction as well as your stores.

26. Invest in Hotels in China

  • More high end hotels needs to be built up, esp in 1st, and 2nd tier cities.

27. Overseas Medical Tourism

  • USA for high end medical treatments, Japan and Germany for cost effective high end medical treatments. Other choices are Switzerland, Thailand, Korea, Israel etc.

28. Amusement parks

  • Amusement parks like Disney got huge success in China, opportunities are open for more theme parks.


29. Medical Equipment Provider

  • China is still lack of high end medical equipments.

30. Open Foreign Hospitals, Clinics

  • Heavy investment with high return.

31. High-End Medical Second Opinion Services

  • Could be in written format , or through video consultation with top doctors and physicians

32. Awesome products for Aging Market

  • China needs awesome products.

33. Nutritional Supplements

  • Fish oils, adnd many more.

34. Anti-pollution products

  • Anything good to sell?

35. Sell Air Purifiers in China

  • Sell cost-effective brands, or with great designs


36. Craft Beer

  • China is not rich in the diversity of beers. Bring them in.

37. Export Pork/Beef/Lamb to China

  • Price in China domestic market is very high.

38. Export Wines to China

  • Wine sales managers in China are making a lot of money. How about the bosses?

39. Export Food Products to China

  • Take some market research and bring interesting food products into China. Most of them will sell well.

40. Sell Pecans, Macadamias, Walnuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, etc.

  • Tree nuts market is booming.


41. Sell Timbers to China

  • High-end furnitures need high quality timbers produced overseas.

42. High-End Furniture

  • A market of high profits

43. Pet Food, Pet Toys

  • The pet industry is still very young in China with very promising market.

Fashion & Luxury

44. Stylish Facial Masks

  • The most common products women will buy.

45. Cosmetics to Replace Korean Ones?

  • Every good product sell well here, even the fake ones.

46. Jewelry

  • Jewelry consumption has been increasing steadily in the past few year in China.

47. Haute Couture Wedding Dress

  • Tailor made high end wedding dress

48. Haute Couture Clothes

  • Tailor made high end Clothes

Trading Services

49. Fraud Investigation

  • Dig for facts, and solve problems

50. Sourcing from China and Sell on eBay/Amazon

  • Find profitable products in China and sell on global marketplace

51. Wholesale from China and Sell in overseas physical stores.

Education & Training

52. Online Expat Training

  • Training expats living in China

53. Private Language Schools for Kids

  • Offer after-school private language tutoring services.

54. Private Art Schools for Kids

  • Offer after-school private art tutoring services: painting, music, etc.

55. Private Early Education for Babies

  • It’s popular and parents are willing to pay.

56. Mandarin Chinese School

  • Open mandarin school for expats.

Clean Technology / Ecological

57. Solar Energy

  • Introduce advanced solar energy to China.

58. Garden Landscape Engineering

  • You have plenty of projects.

59. Clean Energy

  • Very promising business in the next 20 years.

60. Afforestation Business

  • The huge market with low level technology needs improvements in the coming future.

61. Water Filtration Systems

  • People needs clean water, the polluted water is still a big problem nowadays in China.

Digital Marketing

62. Chinese Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Promote overseas business online in China

63. Global Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Help China merchants to do business in the world.

64. eMail Marketing Expert

  • Help China merchants to launch professional email campaigns

65. Wechat Marketing Expert

66. Market Apps in China

Software & Development

67. eCommerce Machine Translation Solutions

  • Offering effective industrial machine translation services

68. Creative Game Developer

  • To win huge population of Chinese game players.

69. Software Outsourcing

  • Hire Chinese local coders and work on international projects

Entertainment & Fitness

70. Independent Film Distribution

  • The booming entertainment market made almost every imported film a great success.

71. Gym, Health & Fitness Clubs

  • The Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs industry in China has been developing rapidly in recent years

72. Wedding Photographer

  • Provide unique style, wedding pictures services.

Professional Services

73. Architectural Design

  • Most high end artwork are done by overseas architects.

74. Web Design

  • Hire Chinese local web designers and work on international projects

75. Website/App User Experience Designer

  • Professional UE designer is limited in the market

76. To Be Continued…

I know you might be struggling with the business ideas in the beginning.
Here is my secret to help you out:
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Turn your China business idea into a feasible strategy before your heavy investment.

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