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Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

200-page ebook, last updated: Feb.8th, 2017

Sell Online To China: Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

It’s the good to time for selling online to China. Chinese consumers keep buying more online, either in domestic web stores or in cross border ones. The strong demand for foreign goods brings a big opportunity for you to enter into the China market.

China market entry becomes quite different now and many traditional ways of marketing are not working.




Selling online to China will cost you much less money and time to understand the market and get results.

You can start your branding from day one and build your sales network on early stage

But China market is quite different from your own country.

Selling Online to China — Are You Ready?

Here is a little test with multiple questions.

1.What’s the situation of online shopping in China?

2.Why Chinese people love foreign brands?

3.Who are the Chinese cross-border online shoppers?

4.Why do Chinese consumers buy foreign products?

5.What do they buy?

6.What are the most favorite foreign brands?

7.How do they buy?

8.What is a typical shopping journey?

9.Who is making money?

10.What is the Haitao experience?

11.What is the domestic eCommerce experience?

12.What do Chinese consumers expect?

13.What are the government regulations?

14.How does the cross-border eCommerce change in China?

15.What are import eCommerce models in China?

16.Who are the major players in the Markets?

17.What is the Positive List?

18.How will the new Import tax affect the market?

19.What will be the market trend?

20.When would a Chinese consumer buy on your store?

21.What are the major challenges for your brand?

22.What will be the step by step market entry strategy?

23.What are the choices of logistics models?

24.How do you plan your payment strategy?

25.What is a good localization strategy?

26.How to localize your web store?

27.What are the common Chinese SEO mistakes?

28.What should be done before launching your web store?

29.How to start your business in China?

30.How to establish your distribution network in China?

31.What Chinese business etiquette I need to follow in China?

It is not easy, right?

Actually they are frequently asked questions in my consulting cases.

I believe you have found some questions exactly the same in your mind.

Please take some time to read this book and you will find all the answers.


Why I Wrote This Book

Communication and Trust are the key words to succeed in China.

Your chance here is tiny if you do not understand Chinese consumers.

I included several real life stories to reveal how the online shopping changed life here in China. I also interviewed a dozen Chinese online shoppers to understand what they are thinking, what they are buying, what are their concerns and what are the most annoying experiences.

This book will help you:

  • Create your own step by step China market entry strategy.
  • Understand the history, evolution and current situation of import eCommerce in China.
  • Find out who are the major players in the market and who might be your potential partners.
  • Discover the needs and wants of Chinese cross-border consumers and understand their behaviors.
  • Localize your web store and turn Chinese visitors into real buyers.

I help overseas business owners analyze their business opportunities in China, draft the market entry strategy and develop the sales network.

You don’t need to invent the wheels, just learn from the wisdom from others.

You can find many guidelines and tips in the book. They will help you understand Chinese culture better, and avoid common mistakes made by many other foreign merchants.

Drop me a line and let me know your insights after reading the book.

Good luck with your business in China and Happy Selling!

—- Cheng Chao

Senior Partner at SinoStep, Founder of ChineseTrans

Shanghai, China



About the Author

Cheng Chao: Author of Sell Online To China: Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

Cheng Chao has extensive expertise in China market entry, global translation & localization, cross-border business development, and global digital marketing.

Chao founded ChineseTrans, where he led a team of senior linguists to establish ChineseTrans as the market leader in professional Chinese translation services.

Since 2011, Chao has served as the managing director of SinoStep, a consulting agency helping foreign investment enter into the China market. Backed up with a strong team of China business consultants experienced in different sectors, Chao has successfully introduced dozens of overseas brands into the China market, established their operations in China on early stage and adapted their businesses to the China market.



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Want More Details?

Here’s the table of contents of Sell Online to China for you to check.

Part 1 A Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

  • Online Shopping In China
  • Rising Demand for Foreign Products
  • Foreign Brands Cost More in China
  • Fake and Safety
  • Buying Overseas
  • New Game Players
  • Cross-border eCommece Meetings
  • New Ticket to China Market

Part 2 Evolution of China Import eCommerce Market

  • Timeline
  • Fast Growth and Penetration
  • How Do Chinese Online Shoppers Buy?
  • Import eCommerce Models In China
  • Major Players in the Market
  • Typical “HaiTao” Platforms in China
  • China Government Policy Evolution
  • The eCommerce Retail Import Tax
  • Positive List
  • Market Trend

Part 3 Understand Chinese Consumers

  • Most Valued Consumers
  • Popular Product Categories
  • Popular Brands
  • A Typical Shopping Journey
  • Experience on Domestic eCommerce
  • The “HaiTao” Experience
  • Expectations
  • Will Individual Daigou Die?

Part 4 China Market Entry Strategy for Foreign Merchants

  • Attract Chinese Buyers
  • When Would a Chinese Consumer Buy?
  • The New Direct Business
  • Major Challenges For Foreign Brands
  • Omni-Channel Market Entry Strategy
  • Logistics Strategy
  • Payment Strategy
  • Marketing to Chinese Consumers
  • Localization Strategy
  • How Is It Connected?

Part 5 Localize Your Web Store

  • Poor Localization
  • Choose Your Localization Solutions
  • Chinese Web Store Launch Checklist
  • Avoid Common Mistakes of Chinese SEO
  • How to Choose Your Web Hosting
  • Effective Copywriting for Your Chinese Web Store

Part 6 Doing Business in China

  • How to Start Your Business in China
  • Establish Your China Distribution Network
  • Chinese Business Etiquette 101
  • Quick Facts About China


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