Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche Market in China

ByChao Cheng|China Market Entry 101


Looking to start a business in China but not sure what niche market in China is suitable for you?

Read this guide today and you will find a perfect and profitable niche.

I will show you how to choose the right niche in China and what risks you should minimize.

Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche Market in China

Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche Market in China

Secret to My China Consulting Business

I was interviewed by China DailyPaypal, GQ, Jiemian and many other reporters and journalists in the last several weeks.

Almost everyone asked why I can grow from a $5/hour cross-border freelancer to an established strategic consulting business? Is there any secret?

My answer:

It is simple: helping foreign clients to find and verify their profitable niche markets in China.

People need my services. 

People buy my ebooks, book my consultations, pay for my discovery contracts, research, expert reviews, and strategies, subscribe to my monthly plans. And they refer new clients to me.

This is my own profitable niche market.

Understand Market Trends in China

I am sharing some insights on the market trends in China and you might sense some new opportunities.

  • The Rise of Chinese Middle Class
  • Chinese MillennialsDivided Generation
  • Looking For a Better Life
  • Buying Everything Online, Home and Abroad: My new book: Sell Online to China helps you understand what you need to prepare.
  • Challenges for Traditional Chinese Companies
  • Rise of Startups and Freelancers
  • Government Still Plays an Important Role

read full article of Understanding Market Trends in China

No One Can Succeed In China without a Working Strategy

You can not succeed without a right online and offline China market entry strategy today.

  • An English Online Tutoring company wanted to sell 1on1 English tutoring courses to Chinese English Learners. They made a crappy website and started running a Baidu PPC campaign, but it is way too costly to get a single lead, and they’d got NO real student to buy their classes, after spending a lot of money.
  • A Medical Tourism company wanted to send Chinese patients overseas to get medical treatments. They tried email marketing, industrial exhibitions, online ads. It seemed all marketing channels are not working.

A Right China Market Entry Strategy should help you:

  • Boost your chance of success in business development.
  • Save time in understanding a totally different culture.
  • Save cost on unnecessary expenditures.
  • Get market insights quickly through affordable, but effective methods.
  • Obtain Guidance from the early stage of your business in the China market.
  • Have a local presence to get accurate information in the first time.
  • Avoid the common mistakes made by foreign brands with limited knowledge of China market.
  • Easy to Control.
  • Minimize the Risk.

Most Profitable Business Opportunities in China for Foreigners

I prepared a short list of potentially profitable business opportunities in the coming years.

You can take it as a reference in choosing your own niche markets.

  • 1. Online Shops, Trading Platforms 
  • 2. Online Business / Services
  • 3. Import and Export
  • 4. Healthcare
  • 5. Pharmaceutical
  • 6. Cosmetics, Skincare
  • 7. Education
  • 8. Tourism
  • 9. Entertainment
  • 10. Food / Wine
  • 11. Agriculture
  • 12. Logistics
  • 13. Wealth Management
  • 14. IT Services/Software
  • 15. Clean Technology / Ecological
  • 16. Electronic Products and Accessories
  • Plus, 101 China Business Ideas

Read full details of Most Profitable Business Opportunities in China for Foreigners.

Many Startups are Wrong From the Very Beginning

95% of startups fail for choosing the wrong niche market in China.

  • Choose either a huge market where fierce competition exists.
  • or a niche market with little income potential.

Research a niche BEFORE you get started!

But How? Do not make assumptions only.

Finding your profitable niche market anywhere in this world is almost following the same rules, no matter it is in France, US, or China. The only big difference is that it is in China.

You can follow my 7-Step Formula to uncover your profitable business opportunities in China.

7-Step Formula to Uncover Your Profitable Niche Market in China

The goal of my 7-Step Formula is to help you answer this question:

Is this MY PROFITABLE market?

  • Step 1. Ideas: Describe your niche as specific as possible.
  • Step 2. Needs: Are there real problems and people want to solve?
  • Step 3. Money: Will people pay for this? How much will they pay? How Big is the Market?
  • Step 4. Feasibility: Is this opportunity suitable for you?
  • Step 5. Strength: Are you confident to be the no. 1 in this niche market? How?
  • Step 6. Client: Find your first client.
  • Step 7. Optimization: Confirm your market and adjust.

Step 1. Ideas: Describe your niche as specific as possible

First, brainstorming some ideas for your potential niche market in China.

One question I always ask my new client is:

What inspires you to explore the China market?

I am sharing you with several useful tips for your brainstorming stage.

  1. Expanding your existing business to China.
  2. You know some successful business in China from your father, your brother, sister, cousins or friends.
  3. Get ideas from the news or your life experience.
  4. Your travel/working experience in China.
  5. What are your skills?
  6. What are your hobbies? or interests?
  7. What do Chinese people might want?
  8. Problems you found in Chinese consumers from your observation.

Remember to describe your potential niche as specific as possible, it will be meaningless if you are listing a very vague and broad niche.

Some typical ideas:

  • I can write and edit academic writing, esp. medical papers, and I think many Chinese doctors, university students might need this service.
  • My uncle is an owner of several pecan orchards in Texas, USA and Sonora, Mexico, and it seems he made a lot of sales in China, I want to sell pecans, or some other tree nuts to China too.
  • I am native French raised in Paris. I am a perfect French and English fashion copywriter. I might help Chinese fashion companies to write their web copies.
  • I am running a web store selling nutritional supplements and it is quite successful in the US and Australia market, can I promote it in China?
  • I have the high-end medical resources in Germany and US top hospitals, can I send Chinese cancer patients for medical treatments?
  • I am selling real estate properties in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, I want to expand my sales leads from China.

Read the full content of Step 2-7 in 7-Step Formula to Uncover Your Profitable Niche Market in China

Take a look at some major points:

Step 2. Needs: Are there real problems and people want to solve?

  • Several ways to check
  • A common mistake
  • Whether Chinese Customers are Different?
  • An Example

Step 3. Money: Will people pay for this? How much will they pay? How Big is the Market?

  • Money potential questions:
  • Whether your Chinese customer will pay for what you provide? and how much?
  • Check the pricing of existing products or services in the China market and whether they are selling well.
  • How many people will pay? How big is the market?

You can find the potential market size through proper market research and analysis.

Step 4. Feasibility: Is this opportunity suitable for you?

  • Whether is this your real opportunity?
  • Analyze the existing competitors in your niche
  • Find out whether you have the knowledge and resource
  • Your unique selling points.
  • I Don’t Know the Chinese language.
  • An advanced solution

Step 5. Strength: Are you confident to be the no. 1 in this niche market? How?

  • Develop your unique selling points and deliver something special to your target market.
  • Is your niche too broad?
  • An Example of an online English training business
  • Review your choice of the niche again.

Step 6. Client: Find your first client

Start finding your first client, or getting some leads. You need to verify your market before your heavy investment.

Step 7. Optimization: Confirm your market and adjust.

  • Set up your business.
  • Regulation and Joint Ventures
  • A Big Challenge: Localization and Implementation.
  • Cost Effective Solution for Your China Local Team on Early Stage
  • Optimize and Establish Your Own Stable Team

Wish you a good luck and make a fortune in China!

Thanks, please let me know if you have any questions.

About the Author

Chao is recommended by Paypal to bring overseas brands into the China market. Now he coaches business owners to start up and grow their business in China. Author of Sell Online To China, How to Build A Right Website That Works In China, and a series of China Business Guides.

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