China Digital Marketer Masters Program

Join this complete China digital marketer Masters program and become a real China digital marketing expert.

The China Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program aims to get you industry-ready with the skillset of all digital marketing domains in the China market.

Get access to the full-length comprehensive courses that cover all areas of China digital marketing.

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All domains in China digital marketing

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What You Get with China Digital Marketer Masters Program

With 5  courses and over 120 practical lessons you can follow - this is the most comprehensive (and best selling) China digital marketing course available you can find.

The China Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program includes:

  • access to the foundational China Digital Marketing course and project work;
  • advanced lessons including WeChat, Weibo, Video, Q&A, PPC, Chinese SEO, QQ Marketing, Baidu Marketing, content, O2O, ebooks, forum, community, strategic planning, and much much more!
  • Instructor-led online mentoring Q&A

The program will transform you into a real China digital marketer.

The China Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program comes with an expert-curated learning path, which is a step-by-step plan to gain the skill set of a China digital marketer capable of managing the Chinese digital marketing initiatives of their organization.

Complete Guide to China Digital Marketing

The Learning Path begins with a foundational Essential Guide to China Digital Marketing, which equips learners with a broad, comprehensive understanding of all domains of China digital marketing.

Learners then progress along the path, picking up skills in specific domains for further study.

You are flexible to choose additional knowledge areas as needed.


What are the course objectives?

What skills will you learn?

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