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Creating a localized Chinese website is a challenge for many web design agencies.

It is not easy if you do not understand the Chinese culture.

It is not just translating your site into a Chinese version.

Develop your website for your potential Chinese customers.

Make sure it is Chinese user friendly.

A lot of overseas businesses put this important job on the wrong hands, and realize they need to revamp it after wasting time and money in the early stage.

Chinese Web Design Pricing

We provide quote according to your needs. 

  • Style of Design (Simple & Attractive / Moderately Stylized / High End)
  • Number of Pages
  • Functionality

Professional Chinese web design company in China

SinoStep Chinese Website Design

  • Chinese web design suitable for the Chinese markets.
  • Fully localized Chinese website development: currency, language, time zone, etc.
  • Search engine friendly web site for a better visibility in Chinese market
  • Local market knowledge to avoid cross-cultural mistakes
  • Localize Your website into the Chinese culture, habits
  • Local Payment gateways

[Book] Build A Right Website That Works In China

[Book] Build A Right Website That Works In China

Ten Steps to Build Your Successful Website for the China Market

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name
Step 2. Set Up Your Email Server
Step 3. Where to Put Your Website: Web Hosting
Step 4. Easy to Build: CMS and Shopping Cart
Step 5. Get A Great Web Design
Step 6. Make Your Web Content Attractive
Step 7. Define Your Functions and Develop Them
Step 8. Test Your Website
Step 9. Chinese Localization Check
Step 10. Track, Analyze, and Optimize       Read More…


How Does It Work

  • Send us your Chinese web design inquiry
  • Understand your business and requirements
  • Discuss on proposals and Fix the Price
  • Start working on your Chinese website

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