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Chinese Social Media Marketing (SMM)--Create an Authentic Chinese Social Presence and Delight Your Chinese Customers!

Start with A Discovery Consultation for a Dedicated Proposal


For individual and small business


  • delivery within around 1 week
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • one 30-min telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M


For small to medium business


  • delivery within around 2 weeks
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • one 60-min telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M


For every serious business


  • delivery within around 4 weeks
  • a dedicated market research proposal
  • up to two telephone/skype consultation session
Small business: annual revenue up to $1M

Create Your Own Chinese Social Media Marketing Strategy

The ultimate goal of Your Chinese Social media marketing is to build a loyal community.

It needs careful research, analysis and plan.

You’ll have answers to the most important questions in social media through our in-depth research.

  • Get insights where your Chinese audience spends their time online, the platforms they use, and how they share content.
  • Understand the influencers and channels your Chinese audience looks for answers, insights and advice.
  • Know how your brand is perceived by the Chinese customers, by listening to their discussions and develop your responses.

If you already have successful English campaigns running, we will analyze them and localize to the Chinese market.

How It Works?

  • You can pay for the discovery contract through Paypal, or send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • Fill in the Chinese social media marketing request form that we will email you after your payment is processed.
  • Describe your detailed situation and challenges with supporting documents.
  • We evaluate your needs, talk further with you to agree on a certain job scope.
  • We offer a formal proposal and issue the invoice for your confirmation.
  • Project starts after payment is done.
  • We reserve the right to decline the request if your demand is outside of our expertise.
SinoStep: Social Media Marketing China Landscape, china social media marketing
SinoStep: Social Media Marketing China Landscape

FACT: Your Chinese Speaking Market are Basically on the Social Media You are Not Familiar with.

It’s true if you are not living as a Chinese.

Let’s see the most popular Chinese Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Wechat
  • Weibo
  • SNS: Renren, Douban, QZone, Kaixin
  • BSNS: Linkedin, Tianji, Jingwei
  • Q&A: Baidu Zhidao, iAsk, SoSoWenda, Zhihu
  • Video: Sohu, iQiyi, LeTv, Youku, Tudou
  • LBS: Jiepang
  • Reviews (Yelp equivalant): Dianping, Meituan, Nuomi
  • IM: QQ

Actually It is changing fast and we will keep updating this list from time to time.


Ongoing Chinese Social Media Campaign Management

Major Social Media Marketing China platforms, china social media marketing platforms
Major Chinese Social Media Marketing platforms, china social media marketing platforms

We help you actively manage your Chinese social media accounts on your behalf, through the whole process from planning to implementation

  • Understand your business and adopt the right strategy for you.
  • Account setup, handle all the process
  • Create your social media profiles
  • Define and find your target customers
  • Think as your customer and create messages for them in the right tone of voice
  • Frequent and detailed reporting

INSTEAD of just ANOTHER English campaign with Chinese Translation, we make it localized, warm, friendly, and the Chinese market will feel it’s truly local and real.


Monitoring and Listening to Your China Social Media Marketing

  • Listen to what they are talking about
  • Collect opinions and suggestions from customers
  • React to negative comments properly to keep the reputation
  • Sharing satisfaction

Listen and Learn from your Chinese Audience, Sinostep helps you analyze the true meanings behind the conversations, You will know what exactly they are talking and how to respond.

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