Chinese Online Reputation Management

Chinese Online Reputation Management

Customers are easily influenced by online reviews, comments on social media and ratings from friends. It’s true in the Chinese world too.

Repair and Protect Your Reputation

  • Listen to the Chinese social media, news site, blogs, forums, review sites and etc to monitor all the positive and negative comments.
  • Be the first one to know what happened.
  • Know who are influencing the conversation and find the reason.
  • Fix negative comments/reviews and restore your online brand reputation.
  • Customize your strategy to prevent possible attacks.
  • Improve and promote positive results for you.








Keywords Monitoring 1-2 keywordsUp to 5 keywordsComprehensive keywords monitoring: brand, company, products
Phone consultations each monthup to 1 each monthup to 1 each monthup to 2 each month
Chinese copywriting
Social Media profiles
Communities and forums
Weibo setup and posting
Chinese Q&A sites
Chinese SNS sites(Renren, Douban, etc)
Community reviews with aged account
Wechat setup and posting
Chinese video promotion
Slides, documents sharing
Customer reviews
Ongoing monthly reputation management reporting
Durationmin. 6 months, recommended 1 yearmin. 6 months, recommended 1 yearmin. 6 months, recommended 1 year

Monthly Investment

$3,000/mo, annual plan 10% off$5,000/mo, annual plan 10% off$8,000/mo, annual plan 10% off

SinoStep Chinese Online Reputation Management
SinoStep Chinese Online Reputation Management

How It Works

  • Choose your plan and subscribe through Paypal, or send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • We will email you an application form after your payment is processed.
  • Fill out the application form, answer the questions and provide all the supporting documents.
  • We will provide a content plan in advance and a report in the end of each month.

Fighting Back with Decent Reputation Management

It is costly and time consuming to confront with untrue reviews or comments.

Here are the common ways that we do.

  • Find out the real reason behind and directly negotiate to remove at the source if possible.
  • Push negative content off the first page of search results in Chinese search engines.
  • Make your first page of search results with positive and objective information.

Hire Chinese professionals with lower cost

  • Lower cost than in-house team
  • Use only when needed
  • Augment existing marketing team for big pushes
  • Dedicated professionals up to date on the latest techniques

Good reputation will boost your sales significantly.

We can help you manage it in the Chinese world and make you look best.

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