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First Step of Your Chinese Website

Choose a stable and fast China Web Hosting for your business! Solve all your puzzles before making the decision.


China Web Hosting Consulting

  • Answer your questions on the hosting choice
  • RECOMMEND hosting service for you
  • ​Speed Testing
  • One week follow up questions on China Web Hosting


No credit card required.


China Web Hosting Consulting

  • ANALYZE your real business needs
  • Coaching on how to choose the right hosting service
  • One 30-min telephone/skype consultation session
  • TEST, and CHOOSE the RIGHT hosting service for you
  • One month follow-up questions relevant to China Web Hosting


No credit card required.


China Web Hosting Consulting

  • ANALYZE your real business needs
  • Coaching on how to choose the right hosting service
  • Up to two 30-min telephone/skype consultation session
  • TEST, and CHOOSE the RIGHT hosting service for you
  • Three month follow-up questions relevant to China Web Hosting


No credit card required.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your China Web Hosting

We study your real needs and provide advice based on the following factors:

  • Speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Reliability
  • Regulation
  • Potential Risk
SinoStep: Choice of China Web Hosting

Shared Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server

Basically it depends on your technical requirements.

Dedicated IP

Strongly recommended

Overselling Cheap Hosting

Try to find some more reliable and stable hosting, either it is in China or offshore.

Do not consider those overselling cheap hosting, which means more risk of low speed, down time, and even website block.


CDN is mainly for site requiring very stable speed and cost a lot more.

Manage Your Web Hosting For China Market

Don’t be afraid of any technical problems or Chinese language problems.

Leave all the hard bits and pieces to us.

  • Account Setup
  • Domain / hosting renewal
  • Server Management
  • Data Migration
  • Installation

Just send us your specific needs and we will send over the solution.

Easiest Way: Hosting Outside Mainland China

Hosting in China is not always the perfect solution for you, we can make it more flexible and controllable to host your website outside mainland China.


Host Your Website in Hong Kong, Japan, or Singapore.

Geographically close to mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are the most appropriate choice of web hosting if you want to get fast speed for web visitors from mainland China.

Recommended Hosting providers

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a fast growing VPS provider. It offers fast, agile and secure cloud solutions.

Newly added node in Singapore this year make it a good choice for websites targeting on China market.

You can get $10 in credit by clicking this link

I prefer Digital Ocean more since it has more location choices, either the service or the support is quite good, I host most of my sites on Digital Ocean.

Linode is famous for its affordable and stable VPS. Linode Tokyo data center has high connectivity and speed for mainland China users. It is a popular choice.

I had some websites for my clients on Linode too.


Host Your Website in USA and Europe

Websites hosted in USA East Coast and Europe are usually a little slower.

But some servers on US West Coast could be a good choice for the China market, considering the speed, advanced technology, better service and customer support.

Choice of Stable, High Performance Hosting



This website (SinoStep) is hosted on InMotion Hosting and it had been several years.

Easy Onboarding, robust file manager, Strongly Recommended.

and I have several other websites on IMH too.

Choice of Economic Hosting

Hosting in China or Offshore?

You don’t have to host your website locally in mainland China.

But need to know the pros and cons before making your decision.

A Quick Comparison





ICP License

Difficult to get an ICP license without a local legal entity. You can get an ICP through a local partner, but crisis of trust happens, all the time.

No need for an ICP license.

Interface & Support

Many China hosting service provider does not support English interface and customer service.

English interface and convenient customer service.


Might be shut down for no reason for some hosting provider.

Might be blocked for improper hosting choices.



Normally slower.


The Great Firewall of China only blocks a list of websites, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Find out the popular websites blocked in China.​

It was not intended to block your commercial website.

Chance to be Blocked

Offshore hosting, yes.

But if you choose the hosting service properly, you don’t need to worry too much.

However, there is still a little chance to be blocked.

Connection Delay

There will be differences of the connection delay when opening websites:

  • Hosting in China: < 100ms
  • Hosting in Asia: < 200ms
  • Hosting in Europe or USA : > 200ms

If you do really care about the connection delay, you don’t need to worry too much about offshore hosting.

Difficulty in Getting the ICP License

It is difficult for many overseas companies or organizations without a local legal entity to get an ICP license in China.

You need to consider whether it is a long-term plan to trust a local partner to do this.

Or, You need to register a local China company.​

Shall I Get An ICP License?

The instant thinking is to host your website in Mainland China. However you need an ICP license to do this according to the local law. Without an ICP license, web hosting providers are not allowed to host your site in mainland China.

There are two types of ICP licenses: license for commercial website, and license for record.

Most websites just need the latter one.

How to Get the ICP License?

You need a local legal entity to apply for the ICP license, which is the legal way and more safe.

or you can find a Chinese partner and register the website under the partner, the partner can be either a company or an individual for the license record.

In this way, the potential risk lies in the relationship with your partner.


We worked with several China web hosting service providers in mainland China.

Recommended Hosting providers


Aliyun is similar to Amazon Web Services for the Chinese market.

a full product range that meet the requirements of the Chinese marketplace.

Flexible payment structure and affordable & powerful cloud hosting solutions.


HiChina is one of China’s leading internet application service providers, Affordable Linux or Windows web hosting.

Currently, HiChina manages and hosts more than 3 million English and Chinese web domains

We can test more service providers for your unique business to choose suitable server(s) or hosting plan for you.