China Email Marketing

Increase the ROI of China Email Marketing (EDM)

China Email Marketing is a cost-effective way to market your company to current and potential customers.

For a minor investment, you can get your company’s message into the minds of many.

  • Build Your quality email list of China potential customers.
  • Promote brand loyalty and brand recognition among your Chinese subscribers
  • Encourage potential customers to visit your website and make a purchase

China Email Marketing Plans



$3,240/yr (10% off)



$4,860/yr (10% off)



$5,940/yr (10% off)

email content Chinese writingup to 300 Chinese charactersup to 700 Chinese charactersup to 1000 Chinese characters
Content sections/topics included1up to 3up to 5
email campaign strategy
Website signup implementation
email list pruning
Split A/B testing: subject lines
Split A/B testing: landing pages
Split A/B testing: list
Monthly emails111
Additional Emails (optional)

$150/additional email$200/additional email$200/additional email
Customize website signup form (optional)

$300 one time$300 one time $300 one time
Custom unsubscribe page (optional)

$300 one time$300 one time$300 one time
Email send fees (list over 1000 users)

$0.03 per recipient$0.03 per recipient$0.03 per recipient
Monthly reporting & analysis1 year1 year1 year
Initial fully responsive optimized email template design

$800.00 one time$800.00 one time$800.00 one time

Monthly Investment

Chinese Email Marketing Pacakge

Chinese Email Marketing Pacakge

Chinese Email Marketing Pacakge

 How It Works

  • Choose your plan and subscribe through Paypal, or send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • We will email you the email marketing request form after your payment is processed.
  • Fill out the form, answer the questions and provide all the supporting documents.
  • We will provide a content plan in advance and start working on the setup.

Get Chinese Potential Customers to Open, Read and Purchase

  • Understand Your Target Audience: Understand your email recipients and their culture, habits and needs.
  • Understand Goals of Email Campaign: Identify a clear strategy and call for actions from your clients to satisfy your objective.
  • Manage Your Leads: Analyze your leads and manage them to target the right people for specific Email campaigns.
  • Write for your customer: Use appropriate subject for higher open rate, and use result driven skills to deliver the message.
  • Design Your Email/Newsletter to the Point: Design your emails/newsletter to deliver the correct message to the recipients and call for actions from your audience.
  • Optimize the Landing Page: Optimize the landing page to meet the expectations of your customers and convert the traffic to your goal.
  • Monitor and Improve: Monitor the performance of the email campaigns and improve the effects from time to time.

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