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Start Your China Business Development With An Experienced China Representative

  • Strategic China Partner Search
  • China Business Negotiation
  • Meeting Large (Potential) Customers
  • Establish Your China Distribution Network

Buy A Discovery Contract for a Dedicated Proposal

Discovery Contract for Small Business

Small business: annual revenue up to $1M


Discovery Contract for Medium Business

Medium business: annual revenue up to $10M


Discovery Contract for Large Business

Large business: annual revenue over $10M


  • delivery within around 1 week
  • a dedicated proposal
  • one 30-min telephone/skype consultation session
  • delivery within around 2 weeks
  • a dedicated proposal
  • 1 telephone/skype consultation session
  • delivery within around 4 weeks
  • a dedicated proposal
  • up to 2 telephone/skype consultation sessions

How It Works?

  • You can pay for the discovery contract through Paypal, or send your request via our contact form and we will send over the invoice, you will have more payment options then.
  • Fill in the China business development request form that we will email you after your payment is processed.
  • Describe your detailed situation and challenges with supporting documents.
  • We will talk further together to agree on a certain job scope and how to charge.
  • We come up with an action plan and issue the invoice when the project starts.
  • We reserve the right to decline the request if your demand is outside of our expertise.

What’s In It For You?

  • Boost your chance of success in business development.
  • Save time in understanding a totally different culture.
  • Save cost on unnecessary expenditures.
  • Get market insights quickly through affordable, but effective methods
  • Obtain Guidance from the early stage of your business in the China market.
  • Have a local presence to get accurate information in the first time.
  • Avoid the common mistakes made by foreign brands with limited knowledge of China market.
  • Easy to Control
  • Minimize the Risk
SinoStep clients

International brands trust SinoStep


Successful Clients in the China market

Verify Your Business Opportunity in China

China has unique ways of doing business and various requirements. There is also substantial competition in virtually every market segment.

Come to understand the real market

  • What is the potential market size for your products
  • Who will be your competitors? How they market and sell in China?
  • What are expected by your target customers?
  • How do your customers purchase similar products?
  • What distribution resources are required to satisfy the demand? What is the most effective way?

Maximize Your Business Success

Through customized business development strategies and feasible action plans, you can enter into the China market and maximize the revenue generation potential.

You can hire us as a local representative

With our help, you can get your business really started within a short time.

Approach and Communicate with  Decision Makers

We can represent you in various occasions to identify and forge crucial connection with key contacts here from private sector contacts, to senior decision makers in big companies.

When necessary, we can accompany you to meetings with potential clients, partners together.

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