I Help Small Business Owners Understand the China Market and Grow Their Business

Hi, my name is Cheng Chao!

I am the founder of SinoStep, You can call me Chao.

Here is my story, in short:

  • In 2003, I quit my job as the China marketing manager in a foreign owned IT company. I decided to seek for a more challenging life and create my own business,
  • Several months later, I founded Taohai, a professional Chinese Translation Company. After 8 years, In 2011, I turned the traditional translation agency into ChineseTrans, an online translation store, selling professional Chinese translation services, with instant quote and a large pool of great linguists.
  • In 2011, I founded SinoStep and developed a full range of China market entry solutions. Sinostep offers consultations & marketing services such as China Market Entry Strategy, and WeChat Marketing to more than 500 clients from 50+ countries. I'd successfully introduced dozens of overseas brands into the China market, established their operations in China on early stage and adapted their businesses to the China market. I was featured by Paypal as the most recommended cross border China Market Entry Expert.
  • From 2013, I started to offer Expert Review services to new business players in China to correct initial localization mistakes on their websites, apps and business plans before throwing their money into the water.
  • Since 2013, I've written dozens of China Business Guides based on my real business practices. I sold hundreds of copies of Sell Online to China & How to Build a Chinese Website That Works.
  • My tailor-made China Business Coaching programs have been welcome by startup executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a dedicated coach. "It's the quickest way for me to understand the market and start my China business in a smart way." One of my students said.
  • I keep writing in both English and Chinese. I am maintaining my Chinese column on Freelancers and Startups at Zhihu (Largest Chinese Knowledge Sharing Platform), and my WeChat public account.
  • I am currently challenging myself to be a good English teacher. I developed my own way (Chao Magic English) to learn practical English in a smart way, helping Chinese students and businessmen to improve their real English, as well as test scores.

    ​When I talk with you on China market entry strategy, localization, content marketing and cross border business development, I do so based on real business practices and my actual experience.

    My first business was a translation agency. More and more clients attempted to ask for more help when they knew me better. I started to offer advisory services to foreign business owners establish and grow their business in China.

    3 Pillars to Build a Successful Business in China

    What I believe: There are 3 pillars that truly matter​ to build a successful business in China.

    Understand the Market

    ​Finding your opportunities in China in the right way. Know your target audience and figure out what your competitors are and what they do.

    Develop the Strategy

    A sustainable business is started with a right strategy. Find out your best approach and formulate the action plans.

    Implement & Localize

    Struggling with the implementation and localization? Many things could be easier if it's organized and in the right way.

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    SinoStep Senior Partner, Cheng Chao, Speaker at China Cross-Border eCommerce Summit Conference, 2015 "How to boost your global sales?" Fully localization boosts the cross-border sales in the target markets.

    Cheng Chao, in an Interview by Global Cross-Border E-commerce Community. "How to Conduct Successful Cross-border E-commerce in China." at Shanghai, briefing the China market entry strategy for overseas businesses in the new digital era.

    Cheng Chao is offering an online lesson on "successful cross border freelancing in China", invited by Paypal China at its online school of cross border eCommerce. Over 2000 viewers joined this lesson. 

    Interview by China Daily: Work Life Balance for China Cross Border Freelancers / "Your Theory of 3 Level Freelance Business"(China Daily was established in June 1981 and has the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in China).

    Panelist at Zhihu Round Table Meeting: “Road of Chinese Freelancers”

    Interview by Blog TianXia, 2017

    Paypal's Interview Video on Chao’s Cross-border consulting business, 2016. “How Do You Expand Your Cross-border Freelance Business?”

    Selling Consulting Services Across Borders, interview by Paypal China and the article published on Paypal Official Site: Chao’s startup story and his successful use of Paypal

    Interview by Jiemian, 2017

    • Panelist at CEO Round Table Discussion, Cross-border eCommerce Summit in Shanghai, 2015 "What Homework should be done prior to Commencing Global eCommerce Expansion"
    • Various Interviews by investment bankers, journalists from China Financial Times, CNBC, and many others.

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