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Effective Guide to Your Successful China Sourcing

book-Effective Guide to Your Successful China Sourcing

Effective Guide to Your Successful China Sourcing

Chao Cheng

China Market Expert Expert, Senior Partner at SinoStep
Author of Sell Online To China (Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market) andHow to Build A Right Chinese Website That Works In China.

Cheng Chao has extensive expertise in China market entry, global translation & localization, cross-border business development, and global digital marketing.

Chao founded ChineseTrans, where he led a team of senior linguists to establish ChineseTrans as the market leader in professional Chinese translation services.

Since 2011, Chao has served as the managing director of SinoStep, a consulting agency helping foreign investment enter into the China market. Backed up with a strong team of China business consultants experienced in different sectors, Chao has successfully introduced dozens of overseas brands into the China market, established their operations in China on early stage and adapted their businesses to the China market.

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As one of the most important world expert powerhouse, China is the target for many companies around the world, whether giant multinationals or small to medium companies, to source products.

I’d been working with many clients in the past ten years to help them source and coach them with a better approach in their China sourcing activities. There are many interesting stories and I am sure these always happen when two different cultures meet.

I’d like to share some tips and welcome your feedback.

Top Challenges of Sourcing from China

You will meet up with many challenges in your China sourcing activity from the first day you decided to do it. Continue reading

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