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Why You Cannot Learn Mandarin at Duolingo?

Three years ago, I casted my doubt on the English learning method at Duolingo for Chinese.

I posted my questions on

We can see the arguments between two sides of the debate.

If it was still puzzling for me then.

Now I am pretty sure to say this model can not help Chinese people to learn English, if there is no big technology change.

And Duolingo could not succeed in the China Market.

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Best Way to Learn Chinese

What is the best way to learn Chinese? How to learn mandarin fast? Many Mandarin Chinese learners tried various ways to learn the language but get poor results. Unlike other roman languages, Mandarin Chinese seems to be one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. Are there secrets to master this language within a short […]
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Top 10 Online Chinese Mandarin Courses

1. Chinese for Beginners: Mastering Mandarin Basics in 4 hours

Learn to communicate in Chinese from scratch; make your life in China easier; learn about Chinese language and culture.

2. Chinese Online Mandarin courses in 7 days – Perfect for Beginners

Learn Mandarin Chinese in fun and interactive ways with Ned!

3. Speak Mandarin in 1 Month

Apply these Quick Steps and Speak Mandarin INSTANTLY!

4. College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own advanced Level 1

learn one semester’s advanced college Chinese curriculum in just one months and save 6000 dollars of tuition

5. College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own Advanced Level 2

Learn one semester of advanced Chinese in just one month and save 6000 dollars of college tuition


6. New Concept Mandarin-A New Way to Learn Chinese with Julia

Learn Chinese with top Mandarin teacher in a fun and easy way

7. wtf mandarin – Beginner Conversational Chinese

English to Chinglish to Chinese – learn to speak basic Mandarin in 4 hours

8. Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation: Learn to speak like a native

Mandarin tones and pronunciation course for speakers of all levels.

9. Learn these first! 1917 basic Chinese (Mandarin) phrases

Learn 1,917 basic phrases with this course, and you will be able to express the things around you in Chinese language.

10. Beginner’s Mandarin Chinese

A brief intro for the complete beginner




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ChineseSkill vs Duolingo: Who will be successful in Chinese Learning?

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Is it kidding to use Duolingo to learn English from Chinese?

I love Duolingo, but I don’t think it’s wise to learn English from Duolingo Chinese.

This post was originally posted on Duolingo Discussion board three years ago.

I shared my opinion on this since I really love foreign language learning through duolingo and would like to see how duolingo will go for Asian languages, especially Chinese.

After three years, Chinese had not yet been added as a target language here at Duolingo.

Here is my magic to learn Mandarin Chinese,

I guess it is way more difficult than many people imagine to do it through Duolingo.

If possible, I really want to see whether there are some successful case studies to learn English, French or Spanish from Chinese.

What is the Best Way to Learn English?

Three years later, I have my own online English school targeting on Chinese English learners and it’s  working really well.

Is Duolingo A Good Way to Learn English From Chinese?

Effective Learning European Languages through Duolingo, however, Is it kidding to use Duolingo to learn English from Chinese?
Effective Learning European Languages through Duolingo: On my 128 days streak

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