Best Way to Learn Chinese

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What is the best way to learn Chinese?

How to learn mandarin fast?

Many Mandarin Chinese learners tried various ways to learn the language but get poor results.

Unlike other roman languages, Mandarin Chinese seems to be one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

Are there secrets to master this language within a short time?

Yes, there are.

We found the secrets from teaching English online in China at Chao Magic English.

We applied the same methods in teaching Chinese online and it works very well.

What’s the Secret?

It’s quite simple.

  • We Use Chinese, not Learn Chinese.
  • And use it everyday, say, 365 days a year.

The success comes from your long-term commitment.

But what is the magic that you can keep using the language?

Best Way to Learn Chinese

Chao Chinese Magic: Best Way to Learn Chinese

We found the magic suitable for Mandarin Chinese Learning as the second language from many real case studies.

You will only devote your time in Chinese learning when you find it full of fun.

The core value of Chao Magic Chinese is 6 methods to learn real Mandarin

The methods are easy to understand and you can use it from Day ONE.

1. Listen to Best Chosen Mandarin Stories & Songs
2. Recite, Retell, and Repeat
3. Write Daily Journals
4. Role Play: Practical Mandarin Practices
5. Enhance Your Chinese Search Skills
6. Talk to Chinese


Best Way to Learn Chinese

Chengbao promised to provide illustrated pictures for this post: Best Way to Learn Chinese, this is her note

Make a Plan Before You Start

Design your own study plan and learning style according to your real needs.

  • Do you only need mandarin listening and speaking skills?
  • How much time will you spend on mandarin learning every day?
  • What are possible scenarios that you may use mandarin Chinese?

How to Choose the Mandarin Resources?

You must choose:

  • What you are familiar with.
  • What you are experienced with.
  • What you are interested in.
  • What are relevant to your working scenarios.

and they should be

  • Suitable for your current level.
  • The best materials in this world.
  • Working for your mandarin learning.

What’s More Important? Characters vs. Sentences

We never encourage you to memorize every Chinese character.

But we encourage you to memorize, recite, and repeat useful sentences.

Basic Chinese characters are very useful.

However, it is wasting time, or even worse, harmful to remember every Chinese character.

OK, now let me explain the real magic behind.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic Listen to Best Chosen Mandarin Stories & Songs

Listen to Best Chosen Mandarin Stories & Songs

We all love stories and songs.

They are great for entertainment.

And they are also wonderful tools to learn mandarin Chinese.

You can learn real life mandarin conversations and expressions through regular listening practices.

It will save you a lot of time if you do it right.

  • You can get better results through 10 minutes proper listening than 2-hour movie time.

The key is to find good quality materials suitable for you current level.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic magicwand2 Recite, Retell, and Repeat

Recite, Retell, and Repeat

Most mandarin Chinese learners are too shy to open their mouths.

They don’t know what to speak, even though they learned a lot through reading and listening.

Silence is the enemy of language learning.

Many people are not confident enough to use what they’ve learned.

Here comes another magic:

You should Recite, Retell and Repeat.

It is easy for many people to memorize lyrics of foreign songs, even though they’ve got no idea of the real meanings.

Recite: Chao encourages mandarin students to recite some good texts and memorize them.

Retell: You can retell the same story in a different way, in your own words. In this way, we will know you understand what the story tells.

Repeat: Repeat is the secret of long term memory.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic magicwand3 Writing Daily Journals*

Writing Daily Journals*

Writing Daily Journals is a challenge for mandarin Chinese learners.

It sounds crazy since Chinese learning seems so difficult, especially for beginners.

However, this is a method that Chao found most effective in Chinese learning.

Writing your daily journals in Chinese can help you organize what you have learned.

Us Chinese as much as you can.

You can use what you’ve heard and what you’ve read.

You can rephrase them.

Write daily journals everyday, make it as a habit.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic magicwand4 Role Play: Practical Mandarin Practices*

Role Play: Practical Mandarin Practices*

As a serious Mandarin Chinese learner, you’ve already started listening to stories, retelling the stories, and writing journal everyday.

What’s the next magic?

List all the common scenarios you would probably use mandarin Chinese.

Then, be the guy in your scenarios and do the role play!

  • Rewrite the story and use different 5W1H.
  • Make self-Introduction at Interviews.
  • Be a host in a dinner party.
  • Tell a story on the stage.
  • Make a sales pitch to your potential clients.

This is amazing.

Because this is why you want to learn Chinese.

You want to use real mandarin Chinese in your life, or in your work.

A lot of foreigners have been living in China for several years, but most of them can only say some daily social terms like “Nihao”(你好, Hello) and “xiexie!”(谢谢, Thank you!), even after spending a long time in learning mandarin.

What is the problem?

Because many people never use Chinese in their real life.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic magicwand5 Enhance Your Chinese Search Skills

Enhance Your Chinese Search Skills

You are not learning a new language, but learning a new culture.

Make full use of Chinese resources to find what you need.

Understand the difference between Chinese culture and Western culture.

Validate your expressions through search results and it is quick and effective.

Make sure you can survive in the Chinese language environment.

If not, find out why.

Chao Chinese Magic

Chao Chinese Magic magicwand6 Talk to Chinese

Talk to Chinese

A language is useless if you do not communicate.

Create opportunities to talk to native Chinese.

Chao Magic Chinese does not recommend you to find a language exchange.

Some possible better ways are

  • Be involved in Chinese social network: Weibo
  • Be involved in Chinese instant message tools: QQ & Wechat
  • Be involved in Chinese Q&A platform: Baidu Zhidao etc.
  • Be involved in Chinee forums and communities.
  • Take mandarin classes online.
  • Find an 1on1 mandarin coach online.
  • Talk to native Chinese speaking people you’ve met.

Beginners: How to Start Mandarin Learning from Zero?

For new Mandarin Chinese learners.

You can apply the above magic methods to make big progress in Mandarin learning.

A solid foundation shall be built together with some mandarin learning tools

Basic Elements

  • Pinyin system: helping your pronunciation, esp, the tone.
  • Basic Chinese characters. Step by step, you can start from the very basic Chinese characters. Stroke by stroke, you will learn how to write Chinese in the correct way.


Immersion Learning: Build Your Own Mandarin Environment

The best way to learn Chinese is to use it as much as you can.

Living with Mandarin Chinese as a lifestyle.

Find your own way to build a Mandarin Chinese environment and immerse yourself in it.

Use your mandarin every day.

Apply Chao English Magic in your daily life.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Chinese Fluently?

It really depends on your daily input.

If you can follow the right study plan and devote at least 30 mins a day.

You will find it really easy to use the language and master it in a very short time, say, several months.

DIY or Find a Coach?

Is DIY possible?

It is possible if you can follow your study plan and apply Chao Chinese Magic to build your Mandarin Chinese environment.

There is a more effective way to do it.

Finding a Coach at Chao Magic Chinese is a very effective way to make your learning more efficient and faster.

Chao Chinese Magic : 1on1 Online Mandarin Coaching

Customized study plan for every student.

Tailor made assignments and lessons for every student.

Chao Business School: How Do We Coach Online?

  • 365 Day 1on1 Coaching: Get experienced mandarin coach every day.
  • Study Plan: Customized study plan for every student according to the real situation.
  • Mini Lessons: Online text lessons customized for the student.
  • Assignments: Tailor made assignments, workouts and tasks.
  • Q&A: Questions and puzzles on mandarin learning.
  • Weekly Progress Report: Keep track of progress everyday.
  • Weekly Reviews: Comprehensive comments on the progress.
  • Listening: Dictation is the most effective method. we select suitable audio and video materials for students.
  • Speaking: Recite the story, and retell the story.
  • Writing: Rephrase the story, and write daily journals.
  • Business Mandarin Practices: Improvements on search skills, Email writing, self Introduction, proposal writing, presentations, meetings, and research writing etc.

Special Offer: Start 365-Day 1on1 Mandarin Online Coaching!

  • USD9,000/year, now USD7,200/year
  • USD3,000/year, now USD2,500/quarter
  • USD1,200/year, now USD1,000/month

Contact us and we will issue the invoice and arrange the first phone call session with you.

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