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Baidu is by far the most-used search engine in China. Baidu PPC is the most efficient way to get more traffic, create leads and sales in China.

Maximize Your ROI with Localized Baidu PPC Management

  • Send your correct message to the target Chinese customers.
  • Match your business to the customers by proper market studies.
  • Optimize your Chinese PPC campaigns all the time.

Choose a Baidu PPC Management Plan that fits for your budget.Further Increase Your Conversion Rate: Spending Less and Doing More

Get an Expert Review to check the usability and Chinese localization of your website.

Test and Improve: Test your landing page, workflow, shopping cart process, ad ideas, etc. and choose the version with better results. contact us for a quote on this.







Monthly Budget

up to $1,500

up to $3,000

up to $5,000

up to $10,000

more than $10,000


up to 3

up to 5

up to 15



Ad Groups

up to 20

up to 50

up to 150




up to 200

up to 500

up to 1500



Advanced keyword research

Negative keywords lists

Competitor analysis

Chinese Ads copywriting

Ad copy performance testing

Mobile optimized ads

Ongoing keyword development and tweaking

Strategic bid management

Landing page optimization

Conversion analysis reporting

Custom reports and analysis

Minimum Service Length

6 months

6 months

6 months

6 months

6 months

Set Up Your Account
- Open Your Baidu PPC account
- Initial campaign strategy






Monthly Service Charge

$600 / month

$900 / month

$1,200 / month

$1,800 / month

18% monthly budget


Create Your Baidu Advertising Account

Take a glance at China search engine landscape and understand why and how Baidu advertisements can work for you.
Take a glance at China search engine landscape and understand why and how Baidu advertisements can work for you.

For western businesses who are new to Chinese digital marketing, it is quite complicated to handle the process to set up a Baidu PPC account. To ensure a smooth application process, SinoStep will contact Baidu on your behalf and make the whole process painless. The account will be registered under the entity of your business. You will have full control and ownership of the Baidu advertising account. Usually it takes about 2-4 weeks to set up a Baidu PPC account if all documents required are ready.

Several successful tips

  • Baidu allows a company to setup an account associated with just one domain.
  • Required documents: a scanned copy of the certificate of incorporation or other proof of the business.
  • Required to do: Baidu often requests minor edits to the website, such as the addition of the official, legal company name to the homepage, footer etc.
  • Baidu sells their ad products through a network of resellers while most do not handle non-Chinese clients.
  • Only deal with Baidu PPC management agency or Baidu reseller who has experience to set up accounts for non-Chinese clients.
Brands trusted SinoStep Baidu PPC Services
Brands trusted SinoStep Baidu PPC Services


How it Works

  • Choose the services and the PPC management plan you want.  Send your request via our contact form.
  • We will send over the invoice.
  • We will email you an application form after your payment is processed.
  • Fill out the application form, answer the questions and describe your detailed situation and challenges with supporting documents.
  • The project starts.


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