Starting A Business in China in A Smart Way

There are 3 Pillars that Truly Matter to Build a Successful Business in China.

Cheng Chao
 Cheng Chao
Founder of SinoStep, see Chao's Bio

Understand the Market

Finding your opportunities in China in the right way.

Know your target audience and figure out what your competitors are and what they do.

Develop the Strategy

A sustainable business is started with a right strategy.

Find out your best approach and formulate the action plans.

Implement &​ Localize

Struggling with the implementation and localization?

Many things could be easier if it's organized and in the right way.

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Understand the China Market

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Systematic learning on China business & marketing.

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Practical guides and tutorials for doing business in China.


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Tailor-made China Business coaching programs for overseas business owners and senior executives.

Develop Your China Strategy
Strategic Planning on China Market Entry

China Market Strategic Planning

China Market Entry

Start from a Discovery Contract for Your Right China Market Entry Strategy

Review Your Chinese Website or App

Expert Review

Check Whether Your Chinese Website or App is fully localized

Grow Your China Sales

1on1 Consultation

Figure Out Problems of Your China Market Plan and Provide Appropriate Solutions.

Set Up Your China Team

Set Up Your China Team

Find the best path to build your China team.

Featured Services Boosting Your China  Business
Your Local Liaison Office

Build A Website That Works in China

Build A Website That Works

Adapt your website, app to the China market.

Find Your Early Customers in China

Find Your Early Customers

Get started with initial customers.

Build Your Chinese Brand

Build Your Brand Awareness in China

Strengthen your online reputation in China.

Increase Your Traffic from China

Increase Your Chinese Web Traffic

Win the traffic share from your competitors.



I have worked with Chao closely on many projects. Chao is a great person and highly skilled in business. He is a real pro in helping foreign companies set up companies and offices in China. Chao is also very gifted and skilled in sales and marketing. He is an excellent fit for foreign companies looking to promote their products and services in China. If you need to do business in China as a foreign company, Chao is the guy to contact.

Frank Goley ABC Business Consulting, USA

Online Courses

China Digital Marketer Masters Program

Join this complete China digital marketing course program and become a real China digital marketing expert.

The China Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program aims to get you industry-ready with the skillset of all digital marketing domains in the China market.

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The China Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program includes:

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  • Instructor-led online mentoring Q&A.
Essential Guide to China Digital Marketing

Essential Guide to China Digital Marketing

The Essential Guide to China Digital Marketing

The Essential Guide to China Digital Marketing (EGCDM) course is designed to help you master the essential disciplines in China digital marketing, including

  • WeChat Marketing
  • Weibo Marketing
  • Chinese SEO
  • Chinese Q&A Marketing
  • We Media Marketing
  • QQ Marketing
  • Chinese eBook Marketing
  • Chinese Video Marketing
  • Chinese Blog Marketing
  • Chinese Forum Marketing
  • Chinese Community Marketing

China digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing disciplines,

The understanding of essential ways of China digital marketing will raise your value in the global marketplace, prepare yourself for the business expansion in the China market.

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Best Selling eBooks

Online Selling to China

Your Opportunity in China’s Booming Cross-border eCommerce Market

It’s the good to time for selling online to China. Chinese consumers keep buying more online, either in domestic web stores or in cross border ones. The strong demand for foreign goods brings a big opportunity for you to enter into the China market.

China market entry becomes quite different now and many traditional ways of marketing are not working.

eBook: Selling Online to China

Build A Website That Works In China

10 Steps to Build A Successful Chinese Website

Step 1. Register Your Domain Name
Step 2. Set Up Your Email Server
Step 3. Where to Put Your Website: Web Hosting
Step 4. Easy to Build: CMS and Shopping Cart
Step 5. Get A Great Web Design
Step 6. Make Your Web Content Attractive
Step 7. Define Your Functions and Develop Them
Step 8. Test Your Website
Step 9. Chinese Localization Check
Step 10. Track, Analyze, and Optimize

China Business Coach

Professional China Business Coach & tailor-made China Business coaching programs.

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Startup Executive Coaching

for 1~3 person leadership teams, at startups with less than 10 employees

  • Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly online sessions
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China Small Business Coaching

For growing businesses with more than 10 employees.

  • Tailored projects with specific, agreed outcomes that address your needs
  • Ideal for businesses seeking for China market entry or revenue growth
  • Unlimited phone and email support, subject to availability.
  • From $30,000 upon negotiation